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When I started this blog I though “yeah I want to blog all the time, but realistically understand that there might be times when I just can’t”.  I knew it was going to be one of those things that didn’t take priority, but was a bit of fun, something to let me be a bit creative and talk crap whenever I want.

It’s been one month since I last posted and this week I started to feel bad.  I had to remind myself that I don’t owe anybody anything, it’s personal project, and that I’ll blog when I get time.  You see, work all of a sudden got really busy, which is awesome!  And the creative juices that push my side projects stopped.

Yesterday afternoon, in 10 minutes, something I started months ago just fell into place.  I drew these magnolias about 10 years ago and started a painting of them about 7 or 8 years ago.  When I looked at the half done painting the other day, I thought “I want to do something digital with them”.  Viola, a quick desktop graphic using an old drawing.

As it’s getting really cold in Perth, I thought some warm and moody colours would work well with the delicate magnolias.  Hope you like these!  I threw in a phone screen graphic as well, cos I’m just like that.

DOWNLOAD  2560×1440 Resolution

DOWNLOAD  1920×1080 Resolution

DOWNLOAD  1280×1024 Resolution

DOWNLOAD  Phone Screen Resolution

Please note these images are for personal use only, not commercial use.  They are to be used as intended, and are not for resale.  All images are Copyright, and cannot be edited in anyway.

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