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When I’m working, I like it to be either silent, or some kind of easy listening music going on in the background.  Anything that is loud and disruptive just seems to inhibit any creative abilities.  I don’t know, maybe it’s cos I always have so much going on in my head that I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing, or maybe it’s just how I’m wired.  Doing the boring, mundane admin stuff on the other hand, I need some kind of music!  When I’m designing, it’s a mix of Paul Kelly, Colin Hay, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin.  To be honest, Pandora makes most of my selections.

Acqua Design Studio Desktop Wallpaper Wish You Were Here 1920x1080

My most prominent memory of “Wish you were here” is in Koh Samui, where a local was strumming the song on his guitar to a crowd of people sitting and listening.  It was beautiful.  There were no words, but I sang them in my head anyway.

I hope you enjoy this desktop background!  It’s Autumn in Perth at the moment, and while we are having a few beautiful sunny days, they are coming to an end.  I have this photo on my desktop as a reminder of summer – plus it helps me relax.

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