Musings: Winter 2017 Interior Love

If you have a child, you’ll probably understand the dilemma of how ‘adult’ home interiors eventually becomes a problem.  Before said child, you may have had a nice vase of flowers on the coffee table, potted plants in corners of the home, open shelving to display your nice things, and light coloured rugs.  You quickly learn around the age of 6 months, that all these things have to go.  And it’s super sad, because it took a while to get to that stage in your life where you like nice things, and can appreciate them.

I live in a little old 50s home, that has absolutely no storage!  No wardrobes, no linen closet, about 5 cabinets in the entire kitchen, no laundry cabinets.  None.  So when we bought the house we just went with open shelving until we could decide exactly what we were going to do about the space.  3.5 years later, we are seriously reevaluating everything we own.  In doing this, I’m on Gumtree every night looking for storage furniture (buying everything new just isn’t an option, thanks to the child).  What I’m discovering though is I have become quite fussy with in what I want.  I have spent years buying and collecting furniture (modern, contemporary, mid-century, scandi, junk), and I’m slowly evolving to a contemporary / mid-century style throughout my house.  While I look for pieces on Gumtree, I’m keeping this in mind – as much I have (closed) shelved the idea of having a perfect house, I want to look for a coherent style and space.  Second hand furniture is brilliant if it works well with everything else in the house.

So I put these style boards together to help guide me towards what I want and need, although most of the items are totally unattainable (hello West Elm bedside tables!  One day I will have you.. *rubs hands together*).  With winter approaching, I can’t help but be steered towards my all time favourite walnut toned timbers, plush fabrics, and bright paintings.

1 /  Painting     2 /  Side Table     3 /  Chair     4 /  Mug     5 /  Cushion     6 /  Cushion     7 /  Rug     8 /  Bench

1 /  Pendant Lamp     2 /  Painting     3 /  Throw     4 /  Lamp     5 /  Chair     6 /  Chair     7 /  Side Table     8 /  Pot

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